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Karpathos Information
Karpathos Information,The island of Karpathos,Dodecanese
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Karpathos Information

The island of Karpathos is located in the Dodecanese area and it is the second biggest island after Rhodes, with a 160 klm coastline. It is situated between Crete and Rhodes, in the well-known “Karpathian Sea”, and its capital is Pigadia, also known as Karpathos town. You can reach the island by air or sea, while there are also two marinas for private yachts and boats.


According to mythology, the first inhabitants who immensely loved their homeland, stole the Olympian Gods and brought them to the island. For their deed, they were named “Arpatheoi” (which means those who have abducted the Gods) which later turned into “Karpatheoi” and finally “Karpathioi” giving the name to Karpathos! Karpathos has intense relief terrain and offers the visitor landscapes of splendid natural beauty while combining mountain and sea. The island also features the highest mountain top of the Dodecanese, Lastos at 1.215 m. altitude.


The ten villages that comprise the tradition and history of the island are: Menetes, Arkasa, Pyles, Aperi, Volada, Othos, Olympos, Spoa, Mesochori, Diafani, each one surprising pleasantly the visitor with a different scenery. Karpathos is also a “refuge” for windsurf lovers. The world windsurfing championship takes place every year in Afiartis, where organized facilities and instructors for beginners are also available.


The area of AMOOPI is a coastal settlement featuring a 6 klm. coastline. Situated in the eastern part of the island and south of the island’s capital, in between the capital and the airport, it belongs to the village of Menetes for administrative purposes. In Menetes one can find over ten magnificent beaches.

Distances from Amoopi Nymfes Royal complex:

  • Airport (Afiartis area) : 11 km
  • Port (at the town of the island) : 5 km
  • Karpathos town centre “Pigadia”: 5 km
  • “Afiartis” area (wind surfing area): 10 km
  • “Diafani” port (at the south of the island) : 63 km
  • “Lefkos” beach : 35 km
  • Olympos village: 51 km

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