Amoopi Nymfes Karpathos | “The small blue hug” : the moto of Amoopi Nymfes
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karpathos amoopi

“The small blue hug” : the moto of Amoopi Nymfes

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The “Amoopi” beach , is the beach that the “Amoopi Nymfes” complex is situated. It was always knowed as “Amoopi” beach and it was the original “Amoopi”, but the last years people used to call it “Mikri Amoopi”.

“Mikri Amoopi” means in English “Small Amoopi” .
That’s why our moto is :

karpathos amoopi  beach“THE SMALL BLUE HUG”,

that’s what we intend to be for all our guests , we do our best our clients feel like home ! We wish that they will want to be back every year and create memories that will “hug” them for all the winter until the next summer!