Amoopi Nymfes Karpathos | Religious Holidays at Karpathos
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Menetes Village

Religious Holidays at Karpathos

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Of course the most distinctive characteristic of Karpathos is the beaches. But it is also an island that keeps intact its unique caractere , its authenticity, its tradition and mainly the religious element!

TRADITION IN KARPATHOSIt is almost impossible for anyone visiting Karpathos to leave it without having received this unique feel of religion spreading all over the island, especially in August . For guests who are really interested in getting to know the Greek religion, there are special religious festivals, especially in July and August , scheduled exclusively to meet your needs and spiritual desires.

The religious element is really strong here, as it is evident by the many churches and other monuments of this kind.

You can see all the schedule of traditional events here and organize your trip a period that you can visit them and get into the “Tradition” .

An experience that you will always remember and surely these memories will make you visit again Karpathos !